The Unbottle Co.
The Unbottle Co.

By the time you finish your question, Prashant’s already shared his screen with the cut of data we asked for. A digital marketer by brain and an entrepreneur at heart, Prashant un-bottles everything digital here.


She’s our Design Lead. When you give her a weird, nebulous brief on a voice note, she somehow understands what you never articulated and transforms it into a thing of joy that makes our hearts sing.


Sandhya’s our chief formulator of the eco-active and kid’s ranges. Her passion is sourcing the freshest botanicals and trying combinations that work naturally. And if that means a time delay, she will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to our rants on timelines. A happy trade-off, we feel.


Venky is our Ayurveda formulator. His family has been formulating Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old science, for the last 100 years. His formulations are 100% authentic Ayurveda, 100% natural - essentially, 100% full of heart.


Amid heated arguments, a calm voice will interject and give the logical, Sherlock Holme-y answer. That voice is usually Raj’s. Both the tone and the sense that he makes, usually calms us down. He’s our expert on everything-deployment.


is the voice of God (and reason). When we’re all chattering rubbish, he cuts in with his deep voice and tells us in three words, what we should be doing. He’s our expert on design and creative. He also looks like Nivin Pauly.


Shoot the humans, she says. Deepika’s our director who makes everything look, sound and feel better. In real life and reel life. Also, she’s got 48 hours in a day - that’s the only explanation to how she manages what she does with a 1 year old in tow.


Babita un-bottlenecks our supply chain and operations. Our un-bottles travel seamlessly from packer to formulator back to the warehouse like as if they were floating on Aladdin’s carpet - all thanks to her.


Rekha un-bottles everything marketplaces here. Listing - check. Images - check. Company details - check. She’ll raise hell if something’s not happening. And if she says she’s on top of it, you know it's going to happen.


We’ve never heard Mansoor say anything except, ‘yes - can be done’. He creates, maintains and develops our website, and accommodates all our crazy requests with a smile (we think so, since he’s never turned on his camera)


Hasheda’s the youngest and spunkiest un-bottler who jumps into all things social, website and CRM. Her standard whatsapp message is, ‘Done, ma’am!’ We don’t know how she does it, but clearly she gets it ‘done’.


Our program manager, she’s the one everyone listens to. Don’t get fooled by her calm, reassuring tone. She has something for you to do, and you had better do it. On time.


Our all-rounder. His schedule looks something like this.
In the morning he does social media Mid-morning - he’s making labels
Afternoon - he talks to our sustainable packer Early evening - speaks to the formulator
Late evening - meets the printer
We think he’s got a twin stashed away somewhere (like Hans Ramoray)